from september 2018, I have started a project named meeting the irregular at a 5-month artist-in-residency in amsterdam, the netherlands. in my works I recorded observations focusing on the state of consistency and the irregularity inherented within. as time had flown by I confronted the questions of daily routine and the instability of structures that affects the perception of reality. the pieces made by these observations reflect on the conditions generated by the situation itself, meanwhile a narrative has revealed as time went by. with the use of different mediums, re-cognition and disintegration, reconstruction and discipline are in the focus of the works. the stations of transitions created by these experiences and the artworks realized by them are the pieces of a flowchart, that are meant to condition the identity

meeting the irregular, digital print and text, 2019 / kraft_werk exhibition view in studio gallery, FKSE, budapest

Things to do:


1.   wake up in the morning

2.   drink a coffee

3.   thinking about the dreams I had last night

4.   thinking about little dogs and cats that make me feel happy

5.   have a breakfast in the communal kitchen - two slices of bread are usually enough

6.   brushing teeth

7.   thinking about taking a shower

8.   thinking about doing yoga

9.   making the bed

10. feeling satisfied so far

11. ....







hour, digital photograph, 2018

calypso I, paper collage, 28 x 19,5 cm, 2018

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