ianus I-II, interlude series, acrylic transfer on canvas, 130 x 105 cm and 95 x 80 cm, 2019 / LOOP exhibition view, MŰTŐ, budapest

the interlude series reflects on the proffered situation of contemplation from diverse perspectives, with the aim to re-create a certain harmony in the state of mind. the artworks remain to symbolize (post-)painterly strategies by combining abstraction and minimalism with the use of advanced techniques. for the structural investigations of image-making I use monochrome digital images and photography with the simple execution of reproduction technologies (e.g. scan, photocopy, photo manipulation, laser print), adding imitation of painterly gestures that are transferred onto the canvas. the manual imprints and the underlying expressiveness refer to the history of painting, and appear as contradictory signs giving an impression of conceptual indications. on one hand it explores the relation between the artwork and the recipient in the form of a dialogue, but on the other hand, through the use of digital and manual techniques, the artworks relfect on how the notion of self alters by technological mediation, as it brings new perception into artistic practice.

studio view, FKSE, 2019

void, interlude series, acrylic transfer on canvas, 150 x 130 cm, 2019

untitled I-II, interlude series, acrylic transfer on canvas, 65 x 85 cm and 110 x 90 cm, 2019

untitled I, interlude series, acrylic transfer on canvas, 110 x 90 cm, 2019 / what's on your mind exhibition view, MŰTŐ, budapest

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